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In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect...
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What does our organization do ?

“We don't need to have deep pockets or be rich to help the needy, the poor and the hungry. We need to have a heart.”

- Kevin Dcruz.

For the poor people's:-
  • Feeding the poor people
  • Distributing blankets in the cold
  • Collecting old clothes and distributing them among the poor
  • Giving doctor's care to the needy people
For animals :-
  • Feed the animal
  • Provide animal adoption facility
  • Providing medical care
Cinque Terre

“Dogs don’t make judgments about physical appearance or abilities, and they don’t care how big your house is or what you do for a living. They care about the quality of your character and your capacity to love.”


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Cities and Villages

Till now we reached & spreading all over India


Volunteer Engagement

Live and digital training sessions



Sustainable impacts all across the country

Mayur Patel


Vishal Patel


Unity is a strength. . . when there are teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved…

Address :-

Address: Brahmani Park, Kshirsagar Colony, Apla Maharashtra Colony, Nashik, Maharashtra 422003

+91 8796965393