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By kharigo

Vibrant Green School Bag with Exciting Avengers Poster for Grades 5 to 8: A Stylish and Functional Choice!

Price: 759.00 / 999.00

Save: 240 / 24.02% off

Available : 10

Product Details

Introducing our vibrant green school bag designed exclusively for students in grades 5 to 8. This stylish and functional bag features an exciting Avengers poster, perfect for fans of the iconic superhero team. The spacious compartments provide ample storage for books, notebooks, and other essentials. With durable construction and comfortable straps, this bag ensures both style and convenience for your school days. Stand out from the crowd with this eye-catching Avengers-themed school bag!

Two main compartments: This school bag is equipped with two spacious main compartments, allowing students to organize their books, notebooks, and other larger items efficiently. One medium-sized pocket: Additionally, there is a medium-sized pocket that can be used to store electronic devices, stationery, or any other medium-sized belongings. One small pocket: For keeping smaller essentials like keys, pens, or a wallet, there is a dedicated small pocket within easy reach. Water bottle pocket: The bag also features a convenient water bottle pocket on the side, enabling students to stay hydrated throughout the day. Adjustable shoulder belt: To ensure comfort and a secure fit, the bag comes with an adjustable shoulder belt, allowing students to customize the length to their preference. Avengers-themed design: The bag boasts an attractive Avengers poster, appealing to fans of the popular superhero team while adding a touch of style to their school gear.
Length 28 CM
Width 18 CM
Hght 42 CM
Weight 450 GM
material Fabric
brand kharigo
colour Midnight Blue